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in Augusta County, Virginia

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Christos Kurios Defending the Faith Now Christian History Society #top #top

A frank discussion of why it's all Jesus or nothing

Why Christians need to care.
How to fight the good fight.
Beware of hidden humanism.
Detecting the spiritual disease of Deism.
Rules of spiritual warfare.
The danger of Islam to Christianity.

Augusta County, the historical home of Scotch-Irish Presbyterianism.
Andrew Lewis.
James Patton.
John Lewis.
John Craig.
Patrick Henry's Christian beliefs.
Christian women of the South.
The slavery debate.
The Civil War.
John Brown, madman or martyr?
Thomas Jefferson Christian or Deist?
Oliver Cromwell.
Foot Soldiers of the frontier.
Stories and tales.

Colonial Frontier Church

History of the first Presbyterian Churches established in Augusta County in 1740.
An operating Internet fellowship.
Daily Bible verses from Pastor Dave.

Savage Wolves

How today's Church is being misled and going Biblically astray.

How to obtain a free Christian Email address to expand your witness.

More Christian topics
Free Christian Email